Our mission is to broaden access to the best practices of preventative health care as part of a wider effort to improve access to health care systems and infrastructure for underprivileged women in India. Eventually, Jagruk will just be part of a multi-layered grassroots campaign to spread awareness and education about the importance of early detection and effective preventative care.

In conjunction with the Breast Cancer Patient Benefit Foundation, Delhi Commonwealth Women's Association, Earth Saviour’s Foundation, Dr. Lal Singh’s Foundation, and the Rotary Club of Gurgaon, our initiatives include:

Delivering free mammograms and to underprivileged women

Delivering blood tests

Delivering eye tests

Delivering medical check-ups

We are proud to have been able to use our connections with our partner NGOs to deliver informational material, educational seminars, and general health support. Additionally, we are proud to offer a promise of complete after-diagnosis support through the Breast Cancer Patients Benefit Foundation. Jagruk works to facilitate medical literacy and access to care - but its broader mission is to improve the lives of those in need by making them, and the world, more aware.

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