As a Grade 12 student at the Shri Ram School, I’ve alway been interested in health, health policy, and health economics.

Over time, I have become aware of the variety of social, economic, and cultural reasons that limit breast cancer diagnoses and care. Specific barriers include lack of awareness about cancer diagnoses and preventive treatment; lack of access to healthcare providers; barriers to literacy and education; and absence of organized screening programs. It is this last issue that I feel it is most important to address.

Since 2016, I have worked with the Rotary Club, the Earth Saviours Foundation, Delhi Commonwealth Women's Association (DCWA) and the Breast Cancer Patient Benefit Foundation (BCPBF) to create a framework for effective one-day camps and responsible after-care. We find a place, set a time, spread the word, and show up. Everyone and anyone can get scanned. We distribute literature and hold talks about the importance of early detection. We’re spreading awareness - but we’re also spreading hope.

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